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Intermittent FPS drops, GPU not running hot

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    Intermittent FPS drops, GPU not running hot

    In various Games such as Dungeon Defenders, and the newly released Unturned; I receive drops in FPS for a almost set amount of time 10-15 seconds. Drivers are up to date. I've done several types of malware scans, and DxDiag brings up no problems.

    I go from 60 FPS or higher, to (depending on game) 8 FPS-20 FPS. Shortly after the drop, it goes right back up to 60 or higher FPS. and does the same intermittent drop for a short time.
    Temps do not exceed 60C, if they even get that close.

    Really getting to me, as there are no apparent reasons for this to be occurring.
    The speccy screenshot below is while a game is running.

    Click image for larger version

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    Devon, England
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    Hi OdinWolfe, What kind of graphics card are you using? Also have you tried different graphics settings in the games? e.g. set the graphics to low and see if the drops still happen
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    Windows 8.1

    Nvidia GeForce GT 640
    I have all settings on low, and this still occurs.
    In games like League of legends, and Counter-Strike:Global Offensive, I retain quite high FPS, but they still dip down for a set time.
    League goes from 240 (uncapped) to 80. and CS:GO goes from 140, to 40.
    Putting VSync on does not solve the problem.
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    Welcome to eightforums OdinWolfe.Please fill in your system specs,it will make things much easier,knowing your PCs configuration.
    Used to have problems with graphic cards myself,and solved them this way.
    Run IntelBurnTest.rar the utility,to make sure your system is stable.If it makes ten runs with no issue,download and run driverfusion and in safe mode,remove all GPU related drivers.Reboot,download latest NvidiaDrivers and install.If the whole procedure doesnt fix your problem.we'll get in another ballgame.
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    So, after passing with flying colors on the intelburntest, and then moving onto the Driver Fusion, being in safe mode the Driver Fusion would not run and gave me a runtime error.

    I decided to act under suspicion that I was infected with a passive Bitminer botnet.
    I'm pretty sure I was, it caused no real malicious harm to my computer, but the software would passively eat GPU load all day.

    That's what I get for -ahem- downloading applications a different way. huehue.

    I'm going to do a few tests, and then I'll return if I'm 100% certain that the problem is fixed.
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    Windows 8.1

    Problems still occurring. PC is clean, as I hoped.
    Any suggestions for the Driver Fusion not working in Safe mode?
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    Really dont have a clue,should launch just like any other app.The point running it under safe mode,is you want the cleanest possible un-installation.Skip the safe mode part and clear-uninstall video related drivers and reinstall the latest ones,so we can keep narrowing down the issue.
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    EDIT: Just thought I'd put in that I have checked my power settings, I have checked all my connections.
    CPU Minimum is at 100%, and max is at 100% for power settings, and cables/connections are all nice and tight.
    Really at a loss, this problem only recently started occurring.

    I found the problem.
    I can't believe I missed such an obvious problem.

    I'm looking at HWMonitor and the performance tab on Task Manager.

    I've never run into this problem before.

    My CPU Frequency drops to 1.33 GHz from 3.75 (although it reads Max as 3.5 GHz).

    The graph looks as follows.
    Click image for larger version
    and then after 14-16 seconds it returns to this
    Click image for larger version
    I've never seen this before.

    What could be causing this?
    A PSU problem?

    It's not overheating...
    This might be a bigger problem than I imagined.
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    Did you recently "fiddle" around with your BIOS by any way ?Any unexpected shutdown due to power failure?Something is holding your CPU speed down,boot into BIOS and unlock its speed,should look like "control CPU speed via operating system" or something like that...
    That kind of processor should not be running at that lousy 1.33GHz!
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    Windows 8.1

    I wasn't looking in the right places, actually.
    I just ordered another case fan to add to my system.
    The Motherboard temp was hitting 64 C. I'm assuming this is a result of AMD's Cool and Quiet.

    Once I install the new case fan and do some benchmarking with temps and such I'll report back.

    I apologize for the seemingly erratic problems I have mentioned here.
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Intermittent FPS drops, GPU not running hot
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