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Intermittent FPS drops, GPU not running hot

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    Hey there, were those CPU frequencies that you showed us in the graph taken while the game was running?

    If it was, theres some issue there.
    If it was taken while you were idling on desktop, then that is correct and not unusual, when you are idle on the desktop, the cpu will turn down, there is no need for it to sit at 3.5ghz whilst doing absolutely nothing, 1.33 ghz at idle is normal.

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    Windows 8.1

    Those frequencies were while a game was running.
    I recently turned my HTC up 5 degrees to test if this is the problem, as whenever my motherboard temp hits 64 C, it gets throttled till it's cool.
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    You stated that you passed the intel burn test with success,believe me your temps reached more than 64C.Keep trying to cool everything down,its gonna do your system good in every aspect.
    Have you accessed BIOS and unlocked CPU speed?
    Any progress uninstalling video drivers and clear-installing latest?
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    Windows 8.1

    You're right, the temps did go higher than 64C, but I'm just saying the throttle occurs at 64. Not that they didn't go higher during the test. In fact, during the test, at least 2 of the passes took a significantly longer time because of the throttle during cooldown.

    As I said before I couldn't get the driver fusion to run, however I did successfully uninstall and reinstall Latest Nvidia drivers.

    I've had my rig running with a tower fan blowing in the general direction of my case, and it's kept below 58 C. Zero CPU throttling even when running the aforementioned games.

    Once I get this case fan I'm sure my problems will be gone.

    On to unlock CPU speed in the BIOS bit, I did access the bios, the only thing I changed was the HTC Limit, which did not disable throttling at 64 C.

    What option should I look for in the BIOS regarding this CPU speed unlock bit?
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    I think you have AMI BIOS,Google said so,so it should be under advanced and AI tuning set to manual,so you can configure your CPU speed.If your multiplier is a standard one,increase the frequency to that number that will eventually give you 3.5 GHz.
    Terribly sorry i'm not reacting quickly to your any answers,its vacation time here in sunny Greece,you understand!
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    All good friend.
    I will be checking in later today regarding the BIOS bit.
    Just have to head out for the day before I can fiddle around with it.
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    Windows 8.1 Update 1 pro x64

    Had the same issue , it's overheating.
    You can check it out by putting your pc next to the aircondition or a room fan. You will notice that its not lagging anymore.
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    Windows 8.1

    The Case fan I bought wasn't the best, but it's doing work.
    Haven't hit 64C since I've had it.

    No lag at all.
    Marking as solved.
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    Great outcome, adding a simple fan,fixing a frustrating lag issue!Very happy for you ,resolving your problem.
    Happy computing!
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Intermittent FPS drops, GPU not running hot
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