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Well, if it is only a hardware malfunction related to cards switching, you most likely won't have any sign of that in the Device Manager It would display warning related to drivers issues, hardware conflicts etc. But if both cards operate correctly, only the Optimus module is broken (in nVidia it detects heavy load and switches to nVidia's card), it may not detect it.

To see whether it is nVidia card that causes trouble, enable GPU icon in the tray and monitor it while playing (you will haved to switch to windowed mode I'm afraid). You may find instructions on how to do that here - it's for Acer's laptops, but it is not brand-specific and works on any hardware.

You may also use tool mentioned in this thread - it's in useful determining which applications are being rendered by which hardware.
Hi mikolajek

thanks for the help.i did what you told me about enbling gpu icon from NVidia. ya it worked though I had to look for gpu activity from taskbar each n every time. Im using win. 8.1 update 1 & there is no windowed version available for asphalt 8...im not able to do window it so. anyway when I looked for gpu activity in between play sadly it is NONE written in the notification though I have completely assigned the game graphics to Nvidia though NVidia control panel. I don't know what to do now.