I have a Win8 pc (Lenovo Q190) with a SVGA port and an HDMI port. This PC is used as a Home Theater PC and is only using the HDMI port, which is going to my Denon AV Receiver (which then goes to a projector and speakers).

When I'm sitting at the system, the receiver is on, etc., the screen resolution is exactly what I want it to be: 1920 x 1080.
Problem #1: There are times where Windows will bump back down to 1024x768 (for just a second or two) when it is switching from Metro to Desktop or back. This is just enough to make my projector try to change its resolution to match it, but when the PC jumps back to 1920, the projector (or receiver?) will sometimes get stuck at the lower res. I can get it back by changing the source on my receiver, but I'd rather it not switch at all.
Problem #2: There are times when I'm not sitting at the system, but I remote control into it to do maintenance on the video library or tweak other things with it. The same res-switching (from Problem #1) is affecting my remote control software (presently TeamViewer since LogMeIn stopped being free for personal use). During the switch from/to Metro and Desktop, the software sees the change and drops me down to 1024 and then leaves it there. I think the PC is staying at this resolution because it doesn't see my monitor (the receiver is off when I'm not using it, so no feedback). I then have to force the software back to 1920 and that tells the PC to go to 1920 and everything is fine until the next switch between desktop and metro.

What I really want is to make the resolution stay at 1920x1080, regardless of there being a detected display or not. Anything I can do?