Hello Guys,

I'm looking for a favour from fellow owners of a Samsung 27inch Monitor S27B970DS/EN to prove a blank flashing screen is a fault and not normal behaviour which I am being told by the Samsung repair centre Viewtek.

My monitor has been in for repair 3 times, the fault is if the monitor is switched on from cold and a short video clip from my security camera is played in either Windows Media Player or Gom player the screen will flash to a blank black screen for 0.5-1 second then the picture will return. If I put 10 short video clips in to a Gom Player play list the screen flash will occur every time I skip to the next video in the play list by pressing the page down key or when the video ends and moves on to the next clip. The flash will also occur when some programs scan for hardware changes or software updates like Samsungs Magician program and NVIDIA's Geforce Experience program.

There are 2 video clips I have uploaded to You Tube, the first was taken yesterday after the 3rd repair with the fault worse than ever:- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zCkd547pxYs
The Second is of the fault before the first repair with a full description and with me letting the monitor sleep etc :- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A641f...ature=youtu.be

The strange thing is if I let the monitor go to sleep, after waking it the flashing problem does not occur at all, then if I switch it off then on again the flashing fault returns. There is no problem when maxing out the Computer while gaming at a resolution of 2560x1440.

After the monitor went in for repair the 1st time the base was replaced and the problem was fixed for 11 days then it returned, the 2nd repair it had the screen replaced and it came back with the flashing screen worse than ever. The 3rd repair they connected 3 of these monitors to the same video source and they are saying they all flashed when playing the video clips and that the monitors are doing a calibration run to give the best possible picture which they are now saying is normal behaviour, I do not believe this at all.

To make things worse the monitor came back with what looks like a small crack under the glass and several black dots so it definitely going to have to go back for a 4th time unless Samsung agree to replace it or refund the 700 I paid for it, I am waiting for a phone call from a customer services manager on Tuesday.

If anyone has this monitor would it be possible for you to help me prove this is a fault by:-

1. Turning off monitor then turning it on
2. Queuing up a few short video clips in ideally Gom Player or Windows Media Player (In Win 8.1)
3. Playing the clips and keep skipping them using the Page Down key
4. Does screen flash?, if so allow the monitor to sleep by putting computer to sleep then waking or
rebooting then retest.

I can email you short video clips of about 3-500kb each if you do not have any.

Thanks for helping