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HD Radeon graphic drivers intermittent crashes

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    HD Radeon graphic drivers intermittent crashes

    Does anyone know about this; is there any fix or what's the deal? I've done everything from using my HP support agent who uninstalled the HD radeon 8400 driver package...which operates on catalyst & hydravision. Then did a reinstall. It didn't stabilize things.

    I've been reading up on the issue & it seems to be a pandemic, across the board, with AMD Radeon graphics; everything from the 5200 series to the 7900...I do not know if HP tech support did a "clean uninstall". Apparently there's often residuals left behind through the performance of uninstalling the graphics drivers. There's a "clean uninstall" utility on the AMD site which operates on a DIY support system. You do it yourself.

    I don't want to go messing around with the forced uninstall utility as there are disclaimers about the risk associated & HP tech support is purposed with resolving these types of things (so long as computer is under warranty; my system is only 4 months old) via remote host applet.

    According to the literature I've read about this persistent problem with the random graphics driver crashes, it seems to only occur after the driver update to the most recent version (13.12). I can't find an option to "roll back" the driver so that it would go to the factory "stock version" [the drivers which were installed when I got the computer]. I thought it was the best for peak performance to "update" when I received a system notification that the driver update was available....but now it's causing me heartache. I can be streaming video & suddenly all computer functions will freeze, I got black screen...esc. or ctrl, alt, delete fail to break through...It's like things are profusely jammed up & then if the system does unlock by itself [can't even get command functions to perform to shut it down when the graphics drivers crash]...then I get a notification the graphics drivers have crashed.

    Occasionally the "hang up" isn't so bad, the drivers automatically recover [notification appears that the graphics drivers have recovered] but mostly I have to either do a cold shut down. Or just sit & wait after pressing esc twice & hope that the system recovers. I can't believe this is happening just because of a flawed graphics driver update that I now can't get rid of (it's ruining my enjoyment of my new computer; it's not like I'm financially loaded & just abandon this system & go get an HP pavilion with intel i3 processor & their version of graphics). The internet is full of info. about this problem. AMD has to be FULLY aware of it...but according to some tech forums, there is no "fix" to date. So those who own systems that run the AMD radeon graphics just have to put up with it until AMD fixes the glitch? Has anyone else gotten this consensus (drawn this conclusion).

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    Ohh...and I don't think this sort of techno-glitch is isolated to the AMD radeon graphics, though it seems to be prevalent amongst this brand...but I did catch quite a few search engine results whereby users of Intels i3 & it's graphics series were experiencing some driver crashes on new computers. So it seems to be a minor plague with the newer chipsets/technology...they're producing so quickly to update & push out the latest thing into stores, they haven't even worked out all the bugs with the previous 3 levels of processors & graphics drivers before the latest thing hits the market. It's exasperating.
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HD Radeon graphic drivers intermittent crashes
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