just found this it may help or give you some ideas as its a similar problem -

1. Start your computer and before the loading screen press F8 (like you going to SafeMode)

2. Choose Enable low-resolution video (640 x 480)

3. Press Enter

At this point you should have booted up successfuly with your problem monitor working fine (in 640 x 480) Go ahead and see if Windows will let you select any other resolutions now. If it does, restart your computer and boot into Normal Mode and see if your monitor stays on and at the res you chose If not, this was the case for me, reboot back into low-resolution mode (Step 2), and continue to Step 4.

4. Once loaded back into low-res mode at 640x480, goto the Start Menu and type in "regedit"


6. Now under this DISPLAY key, there should be a key with a name that relates to you monitor (mine was \GWY232D\ for my Gateway VX930). Under this you should see another key that has a long string of numbers and letters (mine was \5&3a3a8fd1&2&UID33554688, yours may be different)

7. Under the key with the sting of numbers and letters, see if you have a string called Device Paramaters, and under that, MODES. If you dont have Device Paramaters\MODES, manually create them (right-click on the string of numbers and letters, New -> Key, then right click on Device Paramaters, New -> Key)

8. Under MODES, you may see a key that has your monitor's native res (ie. for my 19", the key was 1600,1200). There wont be anything in it, but dont worry about it.

9. Right-click on MODES now and make a new key for each of the resolutions you want your monitor to have (i made 800,600 1024,768 and 1280,1024, BE SURE to make a key for the resolution you plan to use!)
Make sure you name them like "1024,768" "1280,1024" etc. but without quotes ofcourse.

It should now look like this

-Device Paramaters

Now i dont know if this is required, but i did it just to be sure. [COLOR=#3485bd !important][COLOR=#3485bd !important]Click[/COLOR][/COLOR] each of the keys, and in the right panel, notice the key labeled (Default) and next to it it says (value not set). Double click it and then just press enter. You should see the (value not set) go away and it will just be blank. Do this for each and then you can close out of Registry Editor.

10. Right-click desktop and go to Resolution

11. Pick the resolution you want and click apply. It should successfully apply it now.

12. Reboot the computer into Normal Mode and if all went well, you should have your monitor working [COLOR=#3485bd !important][COLOR=#3485bd !important]properly[/COLOR][/COLOR] at the resolution you wanted.

Thats it, i did all that and it fixed my problem. Hope it works for you too! Reply and let me know if it does