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Asus GTX 670 DC - monitor goes black sometimes

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    Asus GTX 670 DC - monitor goes black sometimes


    I have 3 monitors, BenQ RL2450, two of them via DVI and one via HDMI.

    Issue, HDMI connected monitor goes black every now and then. Not really a pattern in it. Sometimes it can flicker black once every 5 min, sometimes once every 30 minutes. Monitors are ok, checked with other computers, cables are OK, tested on different monitors and HDMI on TV.

    I am suspecting drivers, so did a complete uninstall with graphic removal tool, then installed latest WHQL and beta drivers, still the same. Seen several users with the same issue, but no solution.

    Graphic card keeps 40-50 Celsius while gaming, so that's not the issue.

    Just can't remember back when I did not have this issue, hasn't been there forever.

    All monitors on 60Hz, and with the same resolution.

    Tips/tricks whatever really, is greatly appreciated.


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    Windows 8.1 PRO 64bit

    I just did a test, reverted back to March 2013 drivers - 314.22 - and it's been stable and no black screens since the downgrade.
    Found this post at if someone has the same issue.

    Quote from the user:

    I work for a game developer, so our company uses a lot of GPUs.

    I encountered this issue yesterday when I installed my old BFG GeForce 275 GTX OC card in my new GigaByte GA-Z87N-WIFI motherboard, connected to a new Asus VS248H-P monitor, all on Windows 8.1 Pro, and updated the nVidia drivers.

    Thankfully our IT guy has seen this issue on -multiple- nVidia cards in our studio, and so when I asked him about it, he immediately said to use the 314.22-desktop-win8-win7-winvista-64bit-english-whql.exe driver. He even had a copy ready to give me. He said that in his experience this has been the last good revision of the drivers since they made a change that has caused problems ever since.

    For your convenience I have found a copy of the driver on nVidia's site you can download:


    Note that, per the driver name, you will need to be installing on a 64-bit copy of either Windows 7 or Windows 8 or 8.1. I'm sure with more hunting you can find a copy of the driver at the same revision for a different operating system.

    Full steps I took:

    Started Windows, used F8 and rolled back to previous System Restore point to remove current drivers.
    Went to About - Display Driver Uninstaller and downloaded DDU
    Ran DDU. It asked me to reboot in safe mode before proceeding. I did so.
    Used DDU to remove all nVidia drivers (pick NVIDIA at the top left). I also temporarily disabled Windows Update when it told me to.
    I used the '... and reboot' option ('highly recommended') after using DDU.
    I ran the 314.22-desktop-win8-win7-winvista-64bit-english-whql.exe driver listed above. I chose Express install and let it do its own damn thing.

    All is now working for me great! -- I was getting ready to RMA my monitor, too, but now it works fine. I guess it really is all nVidia's fault!

    I hope my IT guy's wisdom and experience can help someone else here. (P.S. He also thought it was a joke that nVidia was asking people to send their cards in so they could diagnose this.)


    Going to keep an eye on the issue for some days, and mark as solved if this one helps.
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    Solved: It was the edge of the graphic card on the back of the case, that made it so the HDMI cable didn't get attached properly. Changed to a 3rd cable with smaller border, and it's now working 100% as it should.
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    W10 Pro X64

    Thanks for updating, it will help others
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Asus GTX 670 DC - monitor goes black sometimes
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