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Mobile Intel Series 4 and Intel HD Graphics 1st Generation

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    Windows 8

    I successfully installed the custom certificate and the Modded Intel 4 Chipset Family Driver and when i go to Device manager the graphics driver has an exclamation.

    Here's the screenshot Click image for larger version Click image for larger version

    PS. I registered here to post this xD Please help me.

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    Win 8 pro

    Quote Originally Posted by XDleader555 View Post
    Have you installed the nvidia graphics driver as well? If you can't get this to work, try disabling the intel graphics in the bios and just use the nvidia. (Probably cause less crashes this way)
    Yes, the drivers for nVIDIA GT540M are installed. Under Windows 8 pro there´s no problem, the nVIDIA drivers are for Windows 8 also.

    When Windows runs there´s no problem anymore. Always when I boot the first time, I have to shut down, because the Windows 8 logo and the moving icon freeze.

    I think that the problem is my i3 Intel(R) HD Graphic chip in 1st generation.
    In BIOS I cannot disable the Graphic board .



    update 12.02.2013: Just found out that the freeze while boot is caused by the Nvidia Driver. I removed any Nvidia Drivers under programs and now I´ve Microsofts WDDM v1.2 installed. System works and doesn´t freeze while boot anymore.

    Don´t know if performance of Nvidia GT540M is pretty well with Microsoft´s driver.
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    Windows 8 Enterprise 64bit

    When I try to install Mobile Intel Series 4 Driver Version SIGNED
    I got this error in pic
    Click image for larger version
    please tell me how to fix this??
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    Just noticed - microsoft updated first gen intel drivers, now opengl 2.1 support is included.
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    windows 8 pro

    Please help, I installed the custom certificate program but theres no test mode watermark. I went ahead and installed the drivers at the beginning of this tread. Nothing happened, no errors it said it was successful but it did nothing, theres no indication that it was installed. My graphics card is Mobile Chipset series 4 and my laptop in a HP G62 running windows 8 pro.
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    windows 8 pro

    okay so I found out that the drivers did install but I cant use the gfxUI. I need to adjust the proportions of my external monitor (my tv) the display is a little too big for the screen. I used to be able to use the sliders to adjust the size. I need that again.
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    windows 8 pro

    well I got my screen to fit. I still have no GUI but I think I can do without it. Thanks for all the info on this tread, it was very helpful.
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    windows 8 pro

    okay, now my metro apps have stopped working any ideas?
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    Hi, I installed your drivers and they're working a charm, but the watermark annoyed me, so i downloaded and used this tool and it has gotten rid of the watermark without interfering with the driver.
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    windows 8 pro

    thanks for the reply. i got rid of the watermark already and my drivers seem to be working for everything except for the metro netflix app. Also, I don't know if it's possible but I really need a GUI for my drivers. when ever i hook my laptop up to a tv the display is too big. On my main tv i can fix this through the tv settings but most tvs dont have that option so i need the GUI so i can resize the display.
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Mobile Intel Series 4 and Intel HD Graphics 1st Generation
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