About a week ago, I've installed Windows 8 Pro x64 on an empty partition just to test it out for the sake of adopting it 100% of the time to replace my Windows 7 and the first thing I realized is unpleasant looking fonts that is looking ugly, pixelated and jaggded everywhere in Windows!. Tried to tweak ClearType which proved to be useless as usual since I still have bad looking fonts that are not eye friendly. I installed MacType and now the fonts in most Windows (Except Metro) are nicer (really wished that Windows can offer this crispness by default )

P.S. I use Samsung SyncMaster S22B300 with Radeon HD 5450 running native resolution of 1920x1080 and am using latest catalyst driver (13-12_win7_win8_64_dd_ccc_whql)

Regarding metro interface/apps like mail, calendar...etc, I tried searching and searching but no solution was able to solve that problem so far.

e.g. Someone suggested "There is an option inside this Catalyst tool that is called GPU scaling. By moving this slider to 0% it pushed the image to the edge of the screen and obviously into the native resolution of the monitor and suddenly pin sharp image"

Another one suggested "Open catalyst >> go to gaming section >> under gaming go to 3D Application settings >>in the anti-alising section if you select morphological filtering the text on windows 8 apps become blurred"

But this option is already OFF and I'm still left with bad looking text everywhere in metro!

I'm pissed off and not sure if I'm alone or it's a bad piece of software. If someone knows exactly what I should do, then please don't hide your sincere advice to me. Otherwise, I will have to wait for Windows 9 "hoping" for more pleasant fonts!!

P.S. Updated to Windows 8.1 Update 1 thinking that it can improve things but NOTHING improved regarding fonts. It seems like text clarily isn't a concern for Microsoft this time!

Another naive question: Didn't anyone in Microsoft happened to sit in front of a Ubuntu or a MAC and seen the sharpness and crispness of their fonts compared to Windows?!