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Cant enter my Nvidia control panel !

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    Cant enter my Nvidia control panel !

    I cant enter my graphics card control panel and when i went to Nvidias site and tried automaticly detect my GPU it said i have no Nvidia GPU. I do have NVIDIA GeForce GT740M and it worked very well for the first day i bought this computer. Now i cant get to my Nvidia control panel.. When i try to get in there it says that my monitor is not connected with Nvidia graphics card. When i try to play Battlefield 3 it plays with my integrated Intel HD Graphics 4000. How can i get my GT740M working again ? I refreshed my computer without loosing any apps from my windows 8. Lost only my deskopt programs. It didnt help. I tried to upgrade to the latest drivers but it didnt work. I deleted the latest drivers and tried to install a bit older drivers but i couldnt do that (Dont remember what it said). My Nvidia Geforce Experience didnt recognise my GT740M either. Is my graphics driver broken or is there some decently easy way to reconnect it. I dont see any reason how it could have broken in my use. My Nvidia also disappeared from my system tray.

    I really appeciate helpful comments.


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    Well, it seems like an hardware issue as it happened to me recently , in that case u should visit a near-by repair shop or call the customer support of the graphics company. (If warranty still applies, your lucky)
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    I ran System Requirements Lab program and detected my system.

    Windows Version: Microsoft Windows 8 (build 9200), 64-bit
    Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-3230M CPU @ 2.60GHz
    Graphics Card: GeForce GT 740M
    Total RAM: 7.9 GB
    It still detects my GT 740M...
    Can it be broken if that program still recognises it ? Cant it be that it just have disconnected or turned off and can be reconnected or turned back on ?
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    Was there any recent changes or driver updates or windows updates u did?
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    Restore point?
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    Yea Restoring might undo recent windows update which might fix your problem....
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    i did update my windows 8.1 yesterday evening and after that i have had 3 failures and had to reboot. Cant remember what the first failure were but 2nd was DCP_WATCHDOG_VIOLATION and 3rd one were VIDEO_TDR_FAILURE and that happened 2 or 3 times. Then my Nvidia didnt work anymore, only my integrated Intel worked. I did upgrade the latest graphic drivers with GeForce Experience but then then error (VIDEO_TDR_FAILURE) happened and i went to nvidias site to search newer drivers manually and found them. Installed them (I did delete older drivers before doing that) and could play for a while but then the error happened again. After that i manually rebooted my computer but my nvidia didnt show up. I went to my control panel -> Hardware and Sound -> Nvidia Control panel but it said that cant acces the setting becouse im not using a display that is connected with Nvidia GPU.
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    Well Then try to system restore before that update u did which u said above...
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    Do you know something about this: Windows has stopped this device because it has reported problems. (Code 43) ?
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    It's probably simply driver corruption which can happen for a number of reasons, registry cleaners are famous for doing just that for instance.

    Tried uninstalling the drivers then running a clean installation of new ones? (You'll see that option under the Custom button when the installer opens).

    Save the new driver installer to your desktop first.

    Here's an uninstaller:
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Cant enter my Nvidia control panel !
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