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[PSA]HD4xxx on win 8 ocasional freezes,disable flash hwacc

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    [PSA]HD4xxx on win 8 ocasional freezes,disable flash hwacc


    if anyone using AMD HD4850 (maybe any Hd4xxx series or any AMD legacy card?) on win 8 / 8.1
    has had any freezes (computer freezes, reboot only option), i disabled flash hardware acecleration and problem was gone

    this happens on any driver i tried so far: the default win8 provided drivers, any of the (not so) new legacy ones, and a modded one from guru3d (which while it didn't solve this, it solved other problems i had) (i haven't tried the latest modded version tough)
    It happens both on win8/win 8.1, fresh installation or not. I also have win 7 and there is no problem there.

    i can actually recreate the bug:

    -if i enable flash hardware acceleration, and open-play several youtube videos, the freeze happens soon.
    I'm not sure if it happens in every browser, so when i want to test it i use a three of them at once, and open 3 videos on each one: IE with 3 videos, FF with 3 videos, and chrome with 3 videos (i use those 10 hours long videos so i can let them running). This way the freeze happens in just a couple of minutes.

    If you decide to try and test this, make sure you have other programs and documents closed, to avoid any corruption. Also, if you get a freeze, afterwards it would be good to do a cmd sfc /scannow and check the active drives for errors

    i couldn't find any info of this on the web, so might as well post it as it may help somebody.

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    I have HD3850 Top 512 MB. Just tried what you suggested but only with FF. 4 Youtube videos at max res and no crash, slowed as heck though. Using IPTV at same time but I guess I overloaded internet bandwidth.
    Using this drivers : amd_catalyst_13.4_legacy_beta_vista_win7_win8.exe on Win 8.1.1.
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    Windows 8.1 x64

    13.1 Legacy also freezing with flash

    I am having the exact same problem. This seems to have started around October and got worst after last flash update.
    On my testing I had freezing on FF with only CandyCrush running for 20 mins. With Opera some other flash games and even a single youtube freezes too. It is very annoying.
    I'm using 13-1-legacy_vista_win7_win8_64_dd_ccc but I also tried the default Windows 8.1 driver (1.1 something), crashed on both.

    Ok I did try to disable the hardware acceleration for flash, still got freezing. Maybe my issue is different, but it seems to be closely related to video driver and I can easily reproduce the freezing by playing candycrush.
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[PSA]HD4xxx on win 8 ocasional freezes,disable flash hwacc
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