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Asus N56vz displaying phantom monitor in display options

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    Asus N56vz displaying phantom monitor in display options

    I recently broke the screen to my asus n56vz. I ended up removing the whole top panel and removing the inverter cord.

    I plugged in a external monitor and it worked fine at first. When i restarted i noticed that it starting running hotter and displayed a second option on a 768p monitor. My 1080 aoc was made the main display seen though its not the first monitor its second.

    I dont know whats going on. I tried to delete or disable the second monitor but i could not. What should i do?

    I used to have 33c temps idle and not its 50c. It used to display only the external monitor. Now it displays 2 and the 2 is my main.

    I dont have any recovery or 8.1 disks... I tried a refresh and it said "missing files" so i cant even do that...

    Im frustrated that microsoft was no help.
    So i am pinning my homes here that someone out there in the world can help me.

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    Patience my friend. Bumping posts just deters people.

    I would suppose it would make a difference depending on how your screen broke? Did you drop the notebook? That would answer allot. As for the ghosting and overheating, im personally not sure what you mean.

    Allot of what you are trying to explain, isn't all that clear, for instance

    I plugged in a external monitor and it worked fine at first. When i restarted i noticed that it starting running hotter
    Whats running hotter, your monitor or your notebook?

    My 1080 aoc was made the main display seen though its not the first monitor its second.

    How is that even possible? How is your monitor setup configured? How could your notebook be ghosting on a second monitor if you only have one monitor plugged into the notebook?

    You have not filled out your system specs in your profile, this may, or may not be helpful to people in here.

    I dont have any recovery or 8.1 disks... I tried a refresh and it said "missing files" so i cant even do that
    It is the responsibility of the purchaser to create restore disks after first run (advised) Again it sounds like you have dropped your notebook, as the restore files are missing, I am only guessing but that would indicate to me that you have damaged your Hard Drive? SSD?

    I'm sorry I have no answer, or a suggestion. But if you supplied some more info, and perhaps a detailed step by step of your setup (The way you have your monitors setup and notebook attached, boring I know) it could spark an idea from somebody.

    Please refer to This Page at AsusTek for information on how to retore your N56VZ Notebook to factory state
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    Thank you for posting, and sorry for the bump.
    I was getting nervous as this is my only computer.

    I will try to be more clearer.
    I broke the lid on my laptop(crazy accident).
    After the mayhem, I tested out my comp and it worked great. Well, everything but the monitor.

    I opened it up and removed what was left of the lid and monitor.
    I took out the screen, the hinges, and the inverter cord and disconnected it from the rest of the laptop.

    Then I plugged in a external monitor. An AOC 1080 IPS panel I bought at best buy.
    It worked and displayed 2 monitors in the control panel.

    My Specs on the Asus N56VZ
    GT 650m
    Windows 8.1
    16GB ram
    SSD256 Samsung 840
    Intel 3630QM
    Latest Updates

    Well, when I check the display menu it shows 2 displays. The main one is the second display, my new AOC. There is another mysterious display, I don't know how to get rid of it. I also wanted to get rid of th drivers for my lid. It seems every time I do it keeps reinstalling itself. This laptop no longer has a lid but the options for the lid are still there.

    I am not sure what other people do to their laptops when the lid has been ripped off. It has not been dropped.
    My temps were fine when I first plugged the monitor(before that phantom monitor displayed in the display options)
    Then i restarted and it appeared and my temps went up 10C.

    Not sure why, I thought it was because it was working with a phantom monitor.
    I know not whats going on.
    I have the second monitor setup at my main monitor and right it works great on full resolution. Its just that other monitor shows its head.
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    just for the time being. Consult this page, see if it may help. It is for Win 7 but I think the process is probably the same for 8. Note the suggestion of disabling the monitor completely, while I search for other answers for you.

    Disable laptop's display
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    Wow that was amazing, athough the link was related i was unable to understand how to use the infor for myself. My lid is completely gone, all the remains is the base of the laptop.

    My restore partition appears to be there. It will reinstall to windows 8. Will i lose my free upgrade to windows 8.1? I already have 8.1.
    i tried to disable the lid and monitor. I even uninstalled it and it keeps reappearing. I wish it would as desktop and not a laptop because my screens gone and i dont want wasted cpu going to drovers not operating anything.
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    To be honest, regarding win 8.1 I didn't know people had to pay for the upgrade. if true, thats not very nice. I personally went from win 7 to win 8.1

    I'm sorry about the monitor issues you are having. That link was the closest I found to your issue. One would assume, disabling a laptop monitor (Especially one that isn't even there lol) would be easy. Maybe it is. Academically, I'm retarded. So who knows. When something doesn't work for me, I breath on my fist and punch it like The Fonz. ayyyyyyyyyyyy
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    Right click on your desktop and select "screen resolution". Now click your external monitor and check the box for "Make this my main display", if it isn't already. Don't worry about what number the monitor has. The video card determines that and you can't change it. Now press the Windows Logo key and the P key. Try selecting "Second Screen only" from the list. The other way to do it is with the (special) Function key on your laptop keyboard.
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Asus N56vz displaying phantom monitor in display options
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