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Dedicated video memory

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    Dedicated video memory

    There is an option in my bios to change the dedicated video memory of my integrated graphics card.Is there any problem if I increase it?(Currently it is 64 MB, there is maximum 1024 MB available in the option)

    Kindly see my specs below.

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    As far as I know its shared ram, Intel Dynamic Video Memory Technology, utilizes the installed RAM of which you have 8GB. I would suspect 8GB for Win 8 would be a comfortable minimum.
    I doubt doing this could damage anything but trying it could show the following possible results;

    It Works
    It Wont boot
    It works but at a degrading cost to your PC performance.

    In short there probably isnt any harm in trying. If in the Bios it states that option is available then I would assume that with the right resources it will work.

    I am assuming the Bios has set the current amount based on the ram installed on the board. Again, trial and error.

    NOTE: Changing settings in a BIOS should be done with precaution. Advance at your own risk.
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    You have plenty of RAM. You might as well use it.
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    Thanks a lot.I'll try and post the result
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    I think you are looking in the wrong place and I would not touch that BIOS setting. I also have the same CPU (G2020) and it will provide you with the Intel HD 2500 graphics capabilities (if supported by your motherboard) which can use up to 1,792MBs of standard RAM (if needed).

    Click image for larger version

    More information here:

    Intel HD Graphics 2500 PC Gaming Graphics Card Hardware For Game System Requirements
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Dedicated video memory
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