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AMD Vid drivers don't seem to be working - no CCC?

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    AMD Vid drivers don't seem to be working - no CCC?

    I installed Consumer Preview yesterday and downloaded the beta AMD GPU drivers. They installed fine and I thought everything was properly working, however Minecraft says there's a video driver issue and CCC seems to be missing from my system entirely. I then uninstalled the Win 8 beta drivers and installed the 12.2 Beta drivers with the same result. I need CCC to be able to turn my TV (2nd monitor) on and off.

    Any ideas? Should I use a driver uninstall program and try again? This is frustrating

    Thanks in advance

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    I'm having the same problem as well for my 4800 series card. I haven't confirmed this for myself...but I've heard tell that the older CCC versions worked....11.11, 11.12. That is a few have said it worked for them.

    There is this mod version from the Guru3D forum that's supposed to work as well....

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    Yeah I have a 4870 too.

    I think I'm going to give these modded Win 8 drivers or 11.12 drivers a try. From reading on Guru3D those seem to have the greatest likelihood to work properly.


    OK so I tried the modded Win 8 driver, 12.2 and now 12.1. Using 'install from file on comp' through device manager I was able to install 12.1 successfully and then I installed it the normal way with the exe setup. This combo seemed to work to install everything correctly. However CCC is still broken, it seems that it installed correctly but it gives me this error when I try to open:

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    Yep...the same for me. I've had no luck getting any driver to work.
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    Quote Originally Posted by fma965 View Post
    Yes I have, but the list only supports the 5 series and above. With me and many others out there we have the 4 series card. Some have had success and others like myself aren't so fortunate.
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    Latest driver of AMD/ATI is quite an issue with WDP and WCP though it works perfectly with Win 7.

    You may have to stick to Version 11.9 or 11.12 if you want the CCC work for you.
    Or you may try this trick see #1648. you can do as it said or versa. Old CCC over new driver.
    It's a bit tricky but sure you can do it.

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    Uninstall all amd software and start clean. If you don't things don't work for whatever reason. Also it is going to say there were warnings but if you take a look at the log there really weren't any problems. Make sure you have the latest set for the consumer preview also. The first set just didn't work.
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    Well there are clearly issues with the drivers with Win 8 (at least for some) so I'm going to dual boot with Win 7.

    I've tried 12.1, 12.2, and the Win 8 CP Beta Drivers. 12.1 is the only one that I can get CCC to install properly using a combo of force install through device manager and then a full install via the standard exe, but CCC fails to open at all (see error pic above). With all 3 driver versions the drivers themselves install but clearly seem to have issues. Minecraft won't recognize any of the drivers and says I have a bad OpenGL driver every time. I tried BF3 last night and it actually worked but the performance was weird. It ran about the same (seemed a little worse) on the ground but when I got in an aircraft it was like a slideshow and unplayable. And the odd thing is that usually I get the best performance up in the air. And every time I've installed a new driver version I've used Driver Sweeper to completely remove all traces of AMD drivers and start anew. I also double check every time that the drivers were fully removed with the analyze feature.

    I've debated about trying 11.12 as well but it sounds to me like that might just fix my CCC problem and the drivers themselves will still not work as they should. So in the end I'm just going to take the less frustrating route and dual boot with Win 7. I was really hoping to use Win 8 as my primary OS, and if it weren't for the crappy drivers I probably would be able to

    If I find out anything more or have any better luck I'll post in here to hopefully help other people with the similar issues.
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    Guys, installing 11-12_vista64_win7_64_dd_ccc_ocl.exe by right clicking and selecting Troubleshoot Compatability (which set it to Win XP SP3) has solved this for me.

    CCC installs and runs fine, I can configure the overscan and my second monitor is finally back to normal.
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AMD Vid drivers don't seem to be working - no CCC?
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