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ASUS 7790 causing freezes (too)

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    Windows 8.1

    ASUS 7790 causing freezes (too)

    My HD7790-DC2OC-1GD5 is causing my computer to randomly freeze. I have tried the stable
    13.251 as well as the latest beta drivers from AMD. Right now I am on the latest drivers from ASUS website. Everything works fine. Temperatures are good. Everything is up to date, BIOS is up to date. All drivers are up to date. No file corruption.
    This is a very new build(less than 2 months) and the problems started about a week or two after it was done.

    Windows 8.1 Pro.

    Gigabye z87 UD3H
    Core i5-4570
    Asus radeon HD 7790
    Gskill 8GB RAM
    Samsung 840 EVO 120 GB
    Seageate 1TB Hard drive
    Antec HCG-620W PSU
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    Uninstall Daemon Tools Lite and replace with PowerISO.

    Uninstall Samsung Magician.

    Uninstall Akamai NetSession.

    Disable Intel Graphics in the bios.

    Uninstall related software if any issues persist:

    Pml Driver HPZ12 Pml Driver HPZ12 Running Auto Own Process c:\windows\system32\svchost.exe -k hpz12 Normal NT AUTHORITY\LocalService 0

    Net Driver HPZ12 Net Driver HPZ12 Running Auto Own Process c:\windows\system32\svchost.exe -k hpz12 Normal NT AUTHORITY\LocalService 0
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    Windows 8.1

    I have the same card, but 2GB version, and I'm having the exact same problem. Computer freezes, mouse is stuck, keyboard does nothing, music stops. I've had the card for ten days on a new build. I removed the card last weekend and my computer was stable all week. I just reinstalled it today, and had two freezes tonight. I just took it out again, and if I don't get any freezes tonight or tomorrow, I think I'll just RMA the card...
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    I have same card with 2 GB too. I overclock it to 1200 MHz when I play, sometimes all day. Stable as can be.

    I would figure out system problem before RMA such a nice card for the price.

    If your psu is crap, that could be the cause. But anything decent like ~350w or above is ok.

    You can post the attachment if you'd like.
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    Windows 8.1

    Here is my SF file. Hopefully it helps diagnose the problem for both of us.

    I just reinstalled the video card again a few minutes ago. This time I put it in a different PCIe slot. I also completely uninstalled the AMD and Intel onboard graphics drivers (with Display Driver Uninstaller) before installing the card, then put the card in, and then installed the latest stable AMD drivers.

    And here are my computer's specs:

    Motherboard: Asus Z87-Pro
    CPU: Intel i7-4770 (not the K version)
    GPU: Asus HD 7790 2GB (with 2 monitors connected)
    Power supply: Seasonic X series, 750W
    RAM: G.Skill Sniper Gaming Series, 32GB, DDR3-1600 (F3-1600C9Q-32GSR)
    CPU cooler: Cooler Master Hyper 212 Evo

    • Crucial M500 480GB SSD for Windows and programs
    • 2x Seagate 3TB for storage (I'm using Storage Spaces to create a RAID1)

    ASUS 7790 causing freezes (too) Attached Files
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    Ok, first thing is first. Well, first and second thing is first, lol.

    You've had BSODs so we should take care of them. Also, 32 GB is kind of outrageous and may need special attention.

    These need to be updated from ASUS:

    AsUpIO AsUpIO.sys Mon Aug 02 22:47:59 2010 (4C57835F) <<< ATK package and/or Probe II in Downloads/Utilities

    ASUSFILTER ASUSFILTER.sys Tue Sep 20 11:46:33 2011 (4E78B559) << USB Hub filter driver

    This was specifically blamed for a crash (could have been RAM as alluded above):

    e1d64x64 e1d64x64.sys Wed Jun 26 16:51:31 2013 (51CB5453) << Intel LAN driver, so update from them if exist (Intel(R) Ethernet Connection I217-V)

    This too was specifically blamed for a crash (could have been RAM as alluded above):

    iaStorA iaStorA.sys Thu Jun 27 17:18:45 2013 (51CCAC35) <<< Intel storage, so update if exist (Intel(R) 8 Series/C220 Series SATA AHCI Controller - 8C02)

    Also on Intel, search for "INF" and install the latest found.

    When all done, please post a screenshot of CPU-Z Memory tab and one each for each stick of RAM of the SPD tab.

    Update bios to latest as well.

    You should also uninstall Avast if needed, to test. Set Windows Defender and Windows Firewall to Auto.

    Uninstall VClone VClone.sys Wed Jul 24 11:02:55 2013 (51EFEC9F) and replace with PowerISO.

    And finally, uninstall VBox to test.
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    Windows 8.1

    You've had BSODs so we should take care of them. Also, 32 GB is kind of outrageous and may need special attention.
    Those were from over a week ago and I haven't had any since... pretty sure these have been solved.

    As for the Asus drivers, I uninstalled all the unnecessary ones.

    Intel LAN driver has been updated as well. The Intel storage has been uninstalled, I'm not using it.

    BIOS is up to date, I don't have Avast installed (although I did for a few hours so maybe that's what you're seeing)

    As for the 32GB ram, I ran memtest86+ and it completed the entire test in about 14 hours IIRC and found no errors. Oh, and in case you're wondering, I did select the right XMP profile in the BIOS.

    Here are the CPU-Z screenshots. I only uploaded one SPD screenshot because they're all identical.

    Click image for larger version
    Click image for larger version

    I'm still fairly sure that the problem is the video card and/or video card driver. I mean, I was getting at least 1 crash per day, so I removed the video card and kept it out for about 5 days, and didn't get any crashes at all, then yesterday I put it back in and got 2 crashes. Let's see how it goes today. I did uninstall the Intel Onboard video drivers so maybe there was a conflict there. I also changed PCIe slot just in case.

    Thanks for your help!
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    No problem with card or driver. It is 100% surely your system. Hopefully you followed my post to exact perfect tee without changing a single word or thing of it to suit any whims.

    In addition, I would also set the RAM to 1333 MHz and keep the same timings. (You only posted one RAM stick. Hopefully the others are exactly same or there is mismatch.)

    Best of luck with everything. You're welcome.
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    Windows 8.1

    Yep, I did. Well, everything was already done except for Virtual Clone Drive. The BSODs were from before I did all the updates and uninstalled useless drivers.

    It is 100% surely your system.
    What do you mean by this? How can you be sore sure there is no problem with the video card?

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    See, that's what I mean. You're not following and instead, making your own reasoning.

    Of course there is going to be issues like that.

    I just know things. 10s of thousands of machines fixed online since Win 7 beta says it. (The ones that actually were fixed followed well.)
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