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Is this the best gpu performance?

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    Is this the best gpu performance?

    Hello, I'm CrazyKilla

    I have a GTX 780 ti and from most of the things I hear "there's nothing out there such high end cards cannot run".
    Sadly not true for me, I bought a EVGA gtx 780 ti superclocked and I've been playing many games.
    Skyrim: Very High textures with an ENB and ugridstoload is set to 7, I constantly get 0.2 second freezes when I look around a lot, running from area to area begins to lag a bit because cells are being loaded.
    Assassin's creed IV: I can't even play on medium settings unless I turn off v-sync and set to adaptive in nvidia control panel.
    BF4: Ultra settings, 140% resolution scale, 70+ fps.
    Total War rome II: very-high/ultra settings, drops to like 30fps when I look at armies.

    Am I doing something wrong here?
    Also did I just screw myself over when the 800 series is about to come out?

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    Honestly, Windows is nice. Things work well. Sometimes (it doesn't happen to me - again, stressing being honest that's all) things are not so good and it's something you will have an epiphany about down the road.

    All I'm saying is that it isn't easy if at times to get a system perfect. You gotta know everything about everything to make it happen. Lesser mortals can often achieve success too.

    That's my friendly message of the day. Meant in kindness.

    No, I do not follow any religion. lol (Comedy is not my best face.)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Crazykilla View Post
    lmao yeah man, I dunno how the rest of the world does it so well over and above the respective native language.

    More power to all like that.

    I know agua, ciao (missing accent), como se dice, and little else.
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    With so many possible combinations of HW and SW it's small wander there is no much more problems with their interaction, ad to that myriad of drivers and half coocked games and some troubles are to be expected. Just having top of the line HW does not guarantee top performance in all the software. Sometimes you have to go back on drivers to get better performance and some games are just better optimized for "green" vs. "red" video cards or processors. Synthetic tests do not help much either, you may see or get fantastic scores and yet, play some stupid small game that should fly on that system, everything bogs down.
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Is this the best gpu performance?
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