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'Display driver has stopped working but has recovered'

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    Here's the "real" way to access stuff you can't:

    You can download a standalone package that will work all on it's own, or you can set your current system/browser up to use the tor network instead. A click of a button in the browser can enable or disable it. You're welcome.

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    Installed drivers and removed hotspot shield, problem is still occuring, but again if I run the tool it works fine until I turn my laptop off, it seems to me that whatever the AMD/catalyst install manager installs is just volatile and disappears when my laptop is turned off.
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    I might be installing the drivers wrong? Idk I've never installed one so.
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    It could be one of your PS plugins doing it. Try temporarily removing all plugins from Photoshop then start it up and see how it goes.
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    Do I do this by going to the plug ins folder in the adobe program files? because nothing is in it.
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    Update the graphics driver manually in the device manager, rebooted, photoshop works fine ill turn the system off and on to see if the problem still occurs.
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    Turned system on and off, photoshop worked again, gunna test it for a day and if problems still occurs i will update this post.
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    Problem is still occurring, getting really annoying now
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    Windows 8.1

    There is a simple fix for this. I have tried all the TDRxxxx this and TDRxxx that, increase voltage on graphics card (which I really did not want to do) etc. My machine would have this problem just opening Outlook. I would either get the not responding error or the machine would just freeze up.

    This has worked for me:

    Open a command prompt as administrator:
    Click start
    In the search box type cmd
    Right click or shift right click the cmd.exe command that appears in the programs list

    At the command prompt type:

    powercfg.exe /h off and hit enter (this command disables hibernation, if you want to enable again change off to on)

    Close the window and reboot

    You should not experience these annoying issues now. Windows 7, 8 and 8.1 have a default power scheme that is set to "balanced". Seems that this scheme may be throttling the GPU and is so frustrating. I have read loads of post in numerous forums and none of the fixes suggested worked for me.
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    windows 8.1 32 bit

    really ty for post stevie jay, i was having a bad evening trying to resolve this issue, you save me 2 hours, and really take off me the stress , im in debt men ! if you need something i can do just tell me ! hope you read this
    ty again !
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'Display driver has stopped working but has recovered'
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