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Intel GMA 3150+Custom screen resolution

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    Intel GMA 3150+Custom screen resolution

    4Hey guys!
    My netbook(Samsung NC110 with 1024*600 Screen Resolution and Intel GMA 3150) is running Win8.1 x64 now. I want to use all features of Win8, so i want to set Custom resoltion like 1366*768. I was trying to change some keys in the regedit, but the picture was very bad, cause my screen is 16:9, and 1024*768 or 1152*864 resolutions is 4:3
    I want to get some utility to set Custom Resolutions, that bigger that real resolution of my display
    p/s/Sorry for my bad english, Hi from Ukraine!

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    i don't think it can be done
    even if you can set to 1366*768 it will looks weird :s
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    I am sure that it can be done. I've seen results on different forums, but people don't write how they can do it. And image with 1366*768 will be look great on my screen size and proportions.
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    I am confuse try a lot of driver for GMA 3150 but didn't work at all, would you please share your driver?
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    Go to the Windows Screen Resolution page, click "Advanced Settings", Then click "List All Modes". What will be listed should be all the modes supported by the video card. If the resolution you want is not listed its likely not doable on your hardware. On a CRT monitor you can usually get away with this without messing up the image. LCD screens are not so forgiving. Anything but the native resolution is usually going to result in a poor image and likely to also give you a headache from looking at it.
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Intel GMA 3150+Custom screen resolution
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