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Resolution is too small with no option to upscale.

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    Resolution is too small with no option to upscale.

    Hey hey Everyone!

    Kinda in a pickle here...

    I got my laptop repaired lately, the problem with it was that the screen was broken... before I put my laptop in for repair I had it connected to a external monitor so I could continue using my computer

    As the title suggests on receiving my fixed computer, my laptop is running a lower resolution than supposed to. It is displaying 1366x 768 with the error message "Your resolution is lower than 1280 x 960. Some items might not fit on your screen" with no choice to increase said resolution.

    This was the resolution I previously had while my laptop monitor was working... I assume this is to do with the external monitor I had it set up on but I no longer have that monitor so I am kinda stuck.

    Is there a way to somehow reset my graphics to recognize the correct resolution?
    Image of problem

    Thank you for your time and effort.


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    You may want to re-install the Intel Windows 8 Graphics Driver.
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Resolution is too small with no option to upscale.
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