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Windows 8.1 Can't do an "Extend Display"

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    Windows 8.1 Can't do an "Extend Display"

    Just upgraded to 8.1. Now, it won't let me extend my desktop to a second display like I had with 8.0

    Anyone have any ideas?

    Thanks. Jeff

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    Why? Are you getting any errors or will it not detect your second display from your graphics card outputs?
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    I think it's not seeing the other display. Both device drivers are showing in Device Mangler but only one display.

    when I do a windows-p command, it gives me the option to exten, but when I click on extend, nothing happens.

    Also, the display (Acer) thinks it's connected since it isn't going into sleep mode.
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    Has your display been powered up and connected ever since? Try unplugging it from the power source and your PC tower for about a minute or two, then plug it back in and check the settings again. I had some brief issues after upgrading to 8.1 with my dual monitor display, but the fix was as simple as explained.
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    Tried that. No joy
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    Can you connect each of the 2 display's individually with success? (ie. They show your Windows desktop.) And there's no warning symbols beside either monitor entry in your device manager?
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    Only the main monitor shows up in the device mangler.
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    Quote Originally Posted by X703j
    it won't let me extend my desktop to a second display like I had with 8.0
    Extended desktop works fine for me on an Lenovo X1CT with an Intel HD4000 GPU

    What GPU are you using?
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    As I said, I didn't have this problem with 8.0 No hardware was changed. It's just not finding the monitor
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    Quote Originally Posted by X703jko View Post
    Only the main monitor shows up in the device mangler.
    That's the problem then, how is the extended display configuration supposed to display to 2 devices if the (assumed) Generic PnP Monitor driver is not installed for one of the monitors? If only 1 is showing, that secondary display will never be recognized.

    You may need to reboot your machine with the monitor (whose driver is not installed yet), unplugged completely. Then after Windows starts, try plugging it in. It *should* install those drivers for you, so I don't know what to tell you. I had to try a few times from what I remember. It was pretty flaky to be honest.
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Windows 8.1 Can't do an "Extend Display"
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