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Windows 8.1 Can't do an "Extend Display"

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    how do I install the drivers?

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    Use PnPUtil: PnPUtil Command Syntax (Windows Drivers)

    Open up the command prompt:
    PnPUtil -i -a X203H.inf
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    where should I copy the driver files to?
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    Quote Originally Posted by X703jko View Post
    where should I copy the driver files to?
    Doesn't matter, they are useless after your driver is installed anyways, you just need to use them as a reference for the PnPUtil to install the driver...

    That utility should be in an environment location (System32 I believe), so you shouldn't even need to download it, or navigate to the exe's location, just open up an admin command prompt, and type that into the command line.

    Put it in your Picture folder for all it matters lol...
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    it's telling me access denied
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    ran it successfully from the administrator directory.

    Now what?
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    Sorry to be a pain. None of the previous great suggestions haven't worked.

    I know the CPU is connected to the monitor since If I boot to bios, the bios comes up on both of my monitors (BTW, the intel dual monitor mode is enabled in the bios).

    despite trying to re-install the driver as outlined above, and rebooting several times, I cannot get the second monitor to come up.

    also, I've reloaded both display drivers and have checked for updates.

    please help!

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    This is a laptop, correct? Usually you have to enable the external display using a function key, which is typically something like Fn F2 or something like that. You select it once, and video transfers to the other display, then you select it again and it becomes a shared display (same image on both) and you do it again and it becomes two different displays that you can extend the desktop to.
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    No desktop tower (Dell XPS)
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Windows 8.1 Can't do an "Extend Display"
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