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Stop Windows 8.1 from installing specific driver

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    Stop Windows 8.1 from installing specific driver

    Bit of a strange issue here. All the new nvidia graphics drivers pass 314.22 has a well-documented crashing problem on certain models which I'm a victim to. So I always stay on 314.22. Problem is, windows is a bit too smart for its own good and keeps trying to install the newest version without asking or even prompting me. I can disable it from doing that by changing the "Device Installation Settings" to "Never install driver updates from windows update", but the problem I realized today is that this prevents windows from auto installing all other driver as well... for example, when I plugged in my printer, it said in order to auto install the driver I need to re-enable the auto driver update thing. The minute I re-enabled, BOOM, windows 8.1 re-installed the newest nvidia driver, and i had to spend more time rolling back and uninstalling all the parts I don't need, like HD audio, nvidia update, 3d vision .etc. etc

    So my question is, is there anyway I can disable windows from updating that specific driver, or, if there is a way I can manually make windows install drivers for new devices (through windows and not driver hunting on manufacturer website) without having to enable the automatic driver update option.

    P.S, when the setting is on "Never install driver updates from windows update", I see the nvidia update when I manually check for updates. So I tried hiding the update. Unfortunately, as soon as I let windows automatically install newest drivers, the nvidia driver installs anyway -_-

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    I always install the drivers from the manufacturer sites so I change the settings to be:
    Check for updates but let me choose whether to download and install them
    For the updates I don't want to install, just right click on it and select hide update. In addition, you can also select range of updates using SHIFT/CONTROL key to select then right click to hide.
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    I believe the NVidia drivers have their own update mechanism, make sure that is turned off.
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    Hi, updated to Windows 8.1, but reverted to 310.90 WHQL for my needs and liking! Turned off auto update in Windows AND in the NVidia control panel! But ik keeps updating to the 327.23!

    I believe it's called FORCEWARE... ;-(

    I don't like this at all!!!!
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    Reinstalled the 310.90 WHQL by installing them NOT using the "clean install" but selected only the driver update. I de-selected the NVidia Update Manager and now yet again I have the 310.90 drivers installed.

    When checking the Nvidia control panel the auto update manager is gone now! Hope this will settle with the auto update issue I was having!

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Stop Windows 8.1 from installing specific driver
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