Hey guys,

I thought I'd share my experiences for those who may have similar setups. I have a Sager NP8265 laptop, with AMD/Intel switchable graphics.
I did a clean install using an ISO I got from Mosharino's beautiful thread up there.

You MUST install the latest Intel graphics drivers, and then, DO NOT REBOOT, for you MUST ALSO install the latest ATI drivers (13.11 beta right now).
If you don't do both, you will get black screen of fun when you do reboot. BSOF. Not as fun as it sounds.

As far as upgrading rather than a clean install, if you upgrade, you will likely get the black screen anyways. So what you have to do, is reboot to safe mode after the upgrade completes (oh you'll know, cause all you can see if a black screen, with a mouse cursor), and remove both graphics devices (device manager, right click the graphics adapter, uninstall)

Then you can boot into Windows normally, albeit with sh*te graphics. Then do the installs as I outlined above.
After a couple of reboots, you should (..should..) have a functioning machine again, that doesn't even look like sh*te!.

Hopefully this helps someone who had the same issues I did!

Both x64 and x86 versions can be found here:


AMD Catalyst? Notebook Display Driver