MS' resolution requirements for windows 8 Metro seem ridiculous. Nothing on my screen requirements that resolution, which I have checked by running my laptop next to my desktop.

Moreover, I don't use the start screen.

But now I have a problem. To download the win 8.1 upgrade, I get a link that opens in -- you guessed it -- the start page and which won't open because it is the "wrong resolution." How much space do I need? Well, based on the parallel behavior on my desktop, I need about 1/8 of an inch vertically and about 6 inches horizontally. I don't need the whole shebang.

So how do I get 8.1 without tacking on a second monitor? (I resent the need to do absurd things for stupid reasons.) Any suggestions out there?

And does anyone have any connections to MS that will allow them to make the suggest to scrap that ridiculous resolution requirement? I don't need large text sprawled across my screen wasting space. And I don't wish to buy a new computer that I can't afford and don't need otherwise. And I imagine I am not alone.