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Resolution Wacko? - Things too BIG?

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    Resolution Wacko? - Things too BIG?

    Hi Guys,

    A few days ago I made some small updates to my system (windows updates, drivers, prolly flash/java etc) and installed a few things... nothing unusual... but I quickly noticed that "actually when i think about it... everything looks a bit off...?" It was and still is a little hard to put my finger on -but basically everything seems to look a little bigger and as a result now windows is showing less of the screen/desktop etc as a result?

    Please note that it's not craaaazy big and tiny screen coverage etc like what happens with a real big driver issue... just like 15-25% bigger than it should be - enough to be a problem?

    I assume something went a little weird when doing one of the above but not sure what. And I didn't notice it straight away - so I can't remember what/or when exactly it happened. I have just updated to the latest nvidia drivers so shouldn't be that...

    The desktop seems smaller and shows less stuff than it did before, while the icons and text are much bigger... and same for my browser opera (need to zoom down a bit to look like usually would - same as desktop - bigger text, less stuff on screen) and same with all the other programs etc...

    What I just don't get is that the resolution is still listed as being correct at 1920 x 1080 native... tried changing it really low then back to native again thinking it might reset the glitch etc... don't think it's helped... still the same, it's just really weird and i'm not quite sure how to fix it?

    The sys specs are:
    Windows 8 Pro
    i7 3.4gh-3.9ghz 3770
    16gb ram
    Nvidia 660 OC 2gb
    Gigabyte Z77X-D3H
    SSD System Drive

    Any ideas guys?

    Thank you for your time

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    Roll back the NVIDIA driver update and see if that fixes your issue.

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    If rolling back your drivers as my2cents suggested does not solve your issue, go into control panel and select display in the panel of icons, if the smaller (100% default) is not selected then select it and apply the change. If your control panel is set for the category viewing, then under Appearance and Personalization select "adjust screen resolution" and then select "make text and other items smaller or larger" and select the smaller (100% default) option.

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    In addition to the suggestions above.

    1. Reset your Monitor to factory default.
    2. Do not install the nvidia driver thru Windows Update but download the drivers from instead. Make sure you do a clean install ie. when double click on the installer, select custom and in the next screen, there is a little check mark on the bottom left, put a check on that for clean install.
    3. Make sure the driver for your monitor is also installed instead of using a generic monitor. You can verify this from Device Manager
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Resolution Wacko? - Things too BIG?
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