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Multiple Monitors on ASUS Mobo

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    Multiple Monitors on ASUS Mobo

    Its so simple...I'm confused.

    ASUS P8 Z77-V LK mobo has 1 each VGA, HDMI, DVI-D & Display

    At first I was not confused thinking I could use VGA or DVI for my monitor and HDMI or VGA for my TV

    Then I started reading about 'Display Port' and confusion set in.

    1. -> Can I just use HDMI & DVI off the board at the same time to use 2 monitors ?

    2. -> or Do I have to use an adapter and 'Display Port' for the 2nd monitor ?


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    If your mobo doesn't have a display port, you don't need to worry about it.
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    but it does have a display port .

    Sometimes I just get confused reading about new stuff. It looks like I can use any 2 connections on the mobo.

    But using the 'Display Port' with an HDMI adapter and connecting to the HDMI port on my TV would give a better picture.
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Multiple Monitors on ASUS Mobo
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