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    display settings

    I go to Control Panel - > Display -> Make thext and other items larger. After selecting the larger or custom size the Apply button is inactive. Also the option Change only the text size is inactive.

    Similiar problem turned up in Display when trying to change screen resolution. The window reports very low resolution yet when selecting higher resolution from pop down list the Apply button is inactive.

    This symptoms appeared after the repairman changed the graphic card plus some related software called NVIDIA. Could that be the reason? Is there any remedy? Shall I chase the repairman? Can someone advise please?

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    Hello Pawel, and welcome to Eight Forums.

    NVIDIA would be the video drivers. Since this happened only after the repairman got through with your PC, then it would be a good idea to let him/her know about it so as to take a look at it to correct the issue. Most repair work will have a very limited time frame to be able to report a issue caused by them.
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    if you assume that the trouble you are in caused by the repairmen then definitely you go for him and ask about the solution of his error..
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display settings
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