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Changing screen resolution not from desktop or cntrl panel

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    Changing screen resolution not from desktop or cntrl panel

    The other day my son stepped on my laptop and messed up the screen. Now when it starts up I get red lines going across the screen, but can still see the bios info and the windows logo and spinning dots when Windows loads just fine, however when Windows starts I just have a blank screen. Obviously the screen was damaged, but it seems to display the lower resolution okay. I just can't lower the resolution in Windows since I can't see what I'm doing. Plugging in an external monitor doesn't work, there's no output there. Is there way to change the resolution settings if I take it the hdd and plug it into another computer as an external drive? The laptop is an Intel cpu and my other machine is an AMD cpu, so I don't think just trying to boot the laptop hard drive in the desktop would work.

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    First of all the cpu has nothing to do with reading Hard Drive this is down to your Bios to see your drive in the first place and the operating system to read/write the drive. The only difference that I can see without further info is that you laptop is most likely a 2.5" sata hard drive so you would need an adapter for your pc unless you have sata in that. Just for temp work you would not need to fasten the drive in.

    Have you tried booting into safe mode ? You will not get much lower resolution than that.

    Only other thing I can think at the moment is try starting with tour Win 8 disk and go to repair and follow to get a dos prompt

    I suppose you could deduct out of pocket money and get a new one (son that is)

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    Is there maybe a setting in the BIOS to use other display first ? You can use HDD on another computer if it is a SATA drive, usualy (if it is not mini SATA). Normal SATA has same connectors on 2.5 and 3.5 drives. You'd have to set it to boot from that drive to change resolution and the drivers could be a problem. In that case uninstall the drivers before you return the drive to laptop.
    To get into the safe mode on W8, keep Shift down and press F8 while booting to win.
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Changing screen resolution not from desktop or cntrl panel
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