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how to set up 3 displays?

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    how to set up 3 displays?

    Hi, people!

    The task I want to accomplish is rather simple, but I am having a hard time trying to find a way to do it:

    How can I show the same image (the right half of an "extended desktop") through both the 15-pin VGA and the HDMI connectors of a Windows 8 Notebook PC, while simultaneously showing the left half of this "extended desktop" on the built-in display of the Notebook?
    As a teacher, I need this configuration for my lectures.

    The details:

    On the lecturer's desk, I have my notebook PC (a Panasonic SX2 with Windows 8 / Intel Core i7-3540M / Intel HD Graphics 4000). The built-in display of the Notebook shows me the left half of an "extended desktop". On this display i can switch between my notes and different application windows (PDF Reader, Internet Browser, Media player, Spreadsheets, Picture Viewer, etc.)

    During my lecture, at certain moments I will share text, pictures, web pages, or videos with the audience by swapping diferent application windows between my notebook's display and a data projector (connected to the Notebook's 15-pin VGA output). The projector shows the other half of my "extended desktop" on a big screen to the audience.

    Now, while I speak to the audience about the data I am projecting, I need to look at both my Notebook's built-in display and the data being projected.
    But the problem here is that, from my location at the lecturer's desk, I can hardly see the screen, which is hanging over my head.
    I regularly get a painful stiff neck from trying to watch to the screen during my lectures!!

    That is why I want to have a third display standing beside my Notebook, showing me the half of the "extended desktop" which is being projected to the audience on the screen.

    Not wanting to put an additional load on the CPU of a Notebook which regularly has a lot of applications open, I am ruling out the use of an USB monitor.
    Instead, i would like to make use of the capabilities of a third generation i7 processor with "HD Graphics 4000" (3 displays supported according to Intel's website), so I got an HDMI digital display (an "On-Lap 1302") and now I would like to show the *same* video output through both the 15-pin VGA (projector) and the HDMI connector (digital display).

    But to my surprise, the "Intel Graphics and Media Control Panel" of my Notebook doesn't seem to support any kind of simultaneous use of three displays!

    Does someone on this board have an idea on how to get modern hardware to perform this simple task - which would help us teachers and lecturers to improve our work (while avoiding further neck injuries!)?
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    Hi there jerojero, and welcome!

    Interesting setup you've got there, I do volunteer tech work at a school and I have to say I've never seen something like what you're trying to set up

    My guess here is that the graphics card doesn't allow using two types of signals (digital (HDMI) and analog (VGA)) at the same time, or simply the PC manufacturer has added some kind of restriction.

    In your case, what I would do first is run a driver update on the integrated graphics. If still it doesn't work, I'd opt for a solution like this:

    It'll simply duplicate the image that comes out of your VGA port without further taxing your CPU. Killing two birds with one Stone

    Happy lectures!
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how to set up 3 displays?
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