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Left Monitor Blanks at Startup

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    Left Monitor Blanks at Startup

    My dual monitor system has been working fine since new several months ago. The other day, I started experiencing a problem upon startup or reboot: The left of my dual monitors would be blank (no picture). After switching the monitor off and back on again (sometimes more than once), the picture would appear. No further problems during session. At next reboot or startup the blank screen recurred. It is not consistently blank every time. and It almost always now takes two times of switching monitor off and on again for image to appear.

    I suspected a bad monitor so i switched the cables on my AMD Radeon HD 7700 graphics card. The left monitor is still the one where the problem occurs. So it is not a bad monitor.

    I have tried deleting devices, reinstalling drivers, to no avail. I cannot find any options in Windows 8 for additonal options after trying everything under options/display.

    Any suggestions on how to get my left monitor working at startup?


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    Do you turn on your monitors before turning on your computer?

    One monitor may be asleep when you turn on your PC and your OS is not seeing it.

    What models are your monitors? Are they the same?

    Samsung has a monitor with a firmware defect that refused to wake up at times, there is a firmware update you can install for it.

    The monitor was given to me because it was not working, now it works awesomely since the upgrade..
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    Thanks. I just figured out that it is indeed the monitor. It was working all along but when i booted at night w/o lights on i saw a very dim display that restarting sedms to fix. So i have a monitor issue. Sorry for the trouble.
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Left Monitor Blanks at Startup
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