I've got Windows 8 Pro for my Dell Latitude D630, first it worked fine.
But then I installed Photoshop but that didn't work good due to a bad driver for my display adapter.
Now I've updated my driver (got the update from downloadcenter.intel.com) and my resolution is 1024x768 wich is lower than my display supports, so now everything is scaled up. I've found a lot other threads but they didn't help me. I've also tried some modded drivers and drivers for vista and xp. Nothing worked. And I couldn't find any support on the Intel site and Dell site.
So now I'am very frustrated and I hope you can help my (otherwise I have to throw my laptop out of the window and install Windows 7 and lose everything I have now installed)

P.s: I can't change my resolution using the settings cuz the dropbox isn't clickable.