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Intel HD Graphics 2000/3000

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    Windows 8 Pro x86

    Quote Originally Posted by artsjedi View Post
    Im using Intel 4500MHD. it runs great, except when I run minecraft.. It says that I dont have OpenGL. Im pretty sure that is due the builtin driver on w8...
    I tried to download the driver for w7 from intel website.
    But the installation says that i dont have the minimun requisites (windows 7).

    and of course , i tried all compatibilities mode for the driver installation...

    Anyone have similar problem?
    How can i download this properly .the pc OS said . non 7zip archive

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    Windows 8 Pro / Windows 7 Home Prem (separate machines)

    First off, I would like to thank you guys for the work you have done already on these drivers. It's a real shame intel has discontinued support, but the community always seems to find a way.

    A lil while back I bought a gateway netbook for class and portability and put Win8 Pro 64x on it. It has the Intel Atom n2600, should use the GMA 3600, but as we know this is not supported on windows 8.

    I have browsed both threads, but haven't been able to fix my problem. I ran the Custom Certificate Installer provided on the first post by XDleader555. I then attempted to install each of the drivers provided in this thread, and the 1st Gen thread. I always get "Do not meet min req". I'm afraid these drivers aren't for my Atom, and that's where my problem is. Amirite? Are there drivers I can use? Am I obviously just missing something?

    I've also looked into the inf file from the drivers given to me by intel's website for Win7. I was going to try just set up my own driver, but the line
    %Intel% = IntelGfs, NTamd64.5.1, NTamd 64.6.0, NTamd64.6.2
    is instead
    %Intel% = Intel.Mfg
    So I'm really not sure what to change to get it to work for Win8.
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    It unpacks and starts but then I get the Error: This computer does not meet the minimum requirements for installing the software. Only option is OK. Do you know how to fix that ? Intel GMA X3100
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    I have intel x3100 and got this error while installing this drivers

    How do i fix it plz help i spended hours serching for the solution.
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    @jeesejames Use windows 32bit, there wont be that big of a difference (unless you have more than 3 gigs of ram). The drivers wont need to be modified when you have 32bit installed.

    @ruZa89 Try my other post for intel series 4 drivers. Since the x3100 is part of the 965 chipset
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    Windows 8 Pro / Windows 7 Home Prem (separate machines)

    Quote Originally Posted by XDleader555 View Post
    @jeesejames Use windows 32bit, there wont be that big of a difference (unless you have more than 3 gigs of ram). The drivers wont need to be modified when you have 32bit installed.
    I do have a 4 GB stick in here, however only 2.99 GB is available for use. I'm pretty sure that is used up by hardware, dedicating some to the processor for graphics and other hardware things. I'd really hate to have to re-install win8, but I'll try it out later today and get back with you, after all my OS doesn't get to use enough ram to require 64-bit addressing.
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    Windows 8

    hello everyone I m new here. I recently installed windows 8 on my uncle's laptop but the display is not working (but external display works). The laptop details are given:

    dell inspiron N5110
    processor: intel core i3- 2310M (sandy bridge)
    OS: windows 8 pro with media center 32 bit ( I know the laptop is 64 bit but I had only 32 bit OS so I installed it.)

    Hardware ID :

    I tried both the generic driver available on the intel site and the one from dell website but both doesn't work.

    pls provide me with the setup of graphics driver for 32 bit.

    Thanks in advance.
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    You need to do a BIOS Update
    Here is ze bios for an inspiron N5110
    Driver Details | Dell US

    Use the external screen for this process. Install the update (DO NOT SHUT OFF YOUR LAPTOP DURING UPDATE) and then install the HD 3000 drivers found on intel's website
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    Windows 8

    thaaanx sooo much XDleader 555. I thought I'd have to revert back to windows 7 but the bios update solved the problem.
    The only problem that remains now is that it takes about 8-10 seconds to load the logon screen after the initial windows 8 logo comes.
    Btw, I used the generic driver from the intel website and not the one from dell.
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    Win 7 + Win 8

    This is what happens for me. I have Win 8 Professional 64-bit installed on my laptop, which uses the Intel HD 3000 Graphics adapter. I have installed the latest driver from Intel, dated 8th March 2013, version I am running a dual boot system on separate partitions. Originally I had each operating system on separate hard drives, but I still had the problem. In the end, I worked out that it was the display adapter that was the issue. I tried all the fixes mentioned on this forum in different threads, but nothing resolved my problem. The issue always remained the same, regardless of what action I took, including installing earlier versions of display drivers that others found to work.

    This is what happens when I log on to Windows 8 and how I finally get in:-

    1. Start up appears and proceeds to a certain point only;
    2. The screen goes blank;
    3. I put the laptop to sleep;
    4. I wait anywhere from 10-20 seconds;
    5. I wake up the laptop; and
    6. Bingo, I am into the login screen
    7. I continue as normal.

    This is the ONLY process that works day in and day out. Sometimes at the end of the day, I just put the laptop to sleep instead of shutting down, but of course that is not a permanent solution, especially if updates require a Restart before they are fully applied.

    If anyone knows of any way around this, I'd appreciate it. In the meantime, I'll just have to wait for whoever is responsible for providing updated drivers, gets their act together...

    Pat. Mitchell
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Intel HD Graphics 2000/3000
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