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Intel HD Graphics 2000/3000

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    Can I get your hardware IDs for your Intel HD 3000? I'll attempt to build another driver with your hardware ID's and hopefully it will fix the problem.

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    Would you happen to tell me where? I believe it's in the properties of the driver in the details tab but im not sure what you want exactly. Also you want my win7 or the win8 version
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    Quote Originally Posted by Xnitro67 View Post
    Would you happen to tell me where? I believe it's in the properties of the driver in the details tab but im not sure what you want exactly. Also you want my win7 or the win8 version
    Device manager > Graphics card > Right click then properties > Details Tab > Hardware Ids.

    Give me both. Maybe the windows 8 version is missing some details that windows 7 has.
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    I have no power at the moment but once we have internet besides my phone ill up that info but the beta drivers in win8 (from Intel) are the same ids from win7 but the mobile drivers on this site are completely differ I could type in the id but it'll be a while
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    Windows 8 Release Preview

    Here are my Hardware id's.
    Using Windows 8.
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    Yeah that what my drivers ids are but like I said the laptop screen shuts off after login but it's what everyone else who has the same graphics has this issue. I've installed three different drivers and the one from Intel is the only one that works except for the screen.

    Installed the following:

    Two from here:

    Latest desktop and mobile

    (these two just say it won't load the drivers)
    then just the beta drivers from intel
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    windows 8 release preview

    could really use some new solutions for this. Ive tried everything before.
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    You can try the newest modified driver, It's on the first post. Have you installed the new Preview yet? Maybe it has a fix for laptops.

    Developer preview
    Consumer Preview
    Release Preview.

    3 previews in total x.x
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    windows 8 release preview

    I am on the release preview, and still no luck however the Microsoft basic display driver works, albeit in low resolution and I just tried the modified beta Intel one and no luck. Which one would you suggest? dell inspiron 15r second gen i5.
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    windows 8 release preview

    So I am now using my latptop with the Microsoft Basic display adapter, which actually works, but the res is low and it brought my index rating from 5.3 to would really like to get this fixed thanks! Does anyone have new ideas or methods they got to work? I may just be doing all of this wrong
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Intel HD Graphics 2000/3000
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