Please advice me and help me understand at least why is happening this. I use latest nvidia driver, clean install, a s24b350h monitor + gtx680 connected via HDMI cable, native GPU to monitor.

So, i select my desired monitor OSD colors, then i want to be a little more lower gamma, and i use nvidia desktop colors to do this. I select my brightness and contrast and gamma, then i hit apply in nvidia driver, works. But as soon as i restart the OS, the nvidia colors are being resetted to their default values, and i need to touch the button which says use nvidia colors again to actually apply them again, then i hit again apply and works again.

BUT here is the problem, it works in desktop only, but on movies or, 3D fullscreen games, doesn't work, UNTIL i TOUCH the digital vibrance slider, not modify him, only touch the slider, then i instantly see a change in desktop colors, a more vibrant colors, and then works in games too, all games, but this works ONLY UNTIL i restart the PC, then i repeat the whole story from scratch.

So why windows 8 doesn't allow nvidia custom color profile to work at restart, and not making me to manually atjust them everytime to load.