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Nvidia Drivers Keep Crashing On Windows 8 Pro.

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    Nvidia Drivers Keep Crashing On Windows 8 Pro.

    Hello,I Have Problem With Nvidia Drivers on Windows 8 Pro When I Reboot Its Only Black Screen.
    Any Help?,
    Motherboard is Asus M2N-MX

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    You have a very old MB and the latest BIOS on their website is dated back in 2008, Drivers are for Vista and will work with Windows 7 but I doubt if it will be completely compatible with Windows 8.
    Here's the website for your MB: ASUS - M2N-MX

    You could try to download the Video driver for Windows 8 and re-install it to see if it helps.
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    I had the same probs with Nvidia GeForce 9600M GT in my previous 5 yr old PC with Vista. PC repair shop diagnosed it as damaged Video card. The estimated repair cost(including new card ) was too much. So...I ended up buying a new PC with W8.

    I think the overheating TV tuner express card did me in. I watched too much live TV, I guess.
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    The question is - does it go black after booting or do you have black screen all the time? If the first, you may consider this...

    Quote Originally Posted by JOD View Post
    On Windows 8 Pro x64 freshly installed, with GeForce GTX 550 Ti, when I install 310.90, I cannot reboot - the screen just keeps black, sometimes even turning monitor on and off. When I get home, I will try reverting to an older driver. However, the strange part is - I have been using the same OS for 3 months or so before and upgraded to 310.90 from the older driver with no problems...

    EDIT: Here is some info on the issue:'s%20the%20fix%20for%20the%20flickering%20screen

    EDIT 2 - SOLUTION: I have solved the issue this way:
    1. Boot into Safe Mode
    2. In Device Manager, remove NVidia adapter
    3. Reboot into classic mode
    4. In Device Manager, update the standard Nvidia driver manually - from C:\Nvidia folder\310.90 folder, where the files' got extracted on install.
    5. Reboot

    So far, so good
    If I am wrong, then sorry.
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    As it turned out, my NVIDIA graphic card is damaged and not amenable to driver updates.
    So while waiting for my new laptop, I just disabled it and use simply the Standard VGA card which apparently is not up-datable.

    With this simple basic graphic card, all my booting probs disappeared, no more crushings and no more BSOD's. It allows basic surfing and web video streamings including watching full episodes of missed TV shows. My Pavilion features Media Center and Quickplay which this card cannot support; thus I cannot watch live TV with TV tuner express card. It also cannot support fast games. But I can still play solitaire.

    In short, without NVIDIA card, I am still quite normal except for (1) no live TV viewing and (2) no fast games playing.

    Luckily, for me, I am not a couch potato and I care to play only solitaire.
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Nvidia Drivers Keep Crashing On Windows 8 Pro.
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