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Samsung Ser. 7 Chronos 8700M HD Radeon Graphics Card Issue

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    Yes, the video card and drivers are definitely working fine.
    Would it run smoothly? Short anwser: yes. Long anwser: it depends on what you mean by smooth. (All the following is meant in 1920x1080 resolution.)
    Smooth is very subjective. I personally am VERY sensitive to lag and prefer very high fps throughout the game, this translates into average fps staying above 60 all game long, and I demand that it never-ever should drop below 30, not even in huge 4v4 end game battles for a single moment. I think this goal is only achievable on medium or lower settings.
    Don't get me wrong, it is definitely playable on High, it's just not what I personally would call smooth. I even played a 2v2 on Ultra and it was easily playable, I just prefer it super-super smooth.
    Single player wold easily run smoothly on High possibly even Ultra.
    There are minor lag spikes that are caused by accessing data on the hard drive... the 5400rpm hard drive is pretty slow so I do plan to swap it to a 250Gb Samsung 840 in the future.

    I played around with the setting in a big 3v3 replay with lots of action. On High, usually fps was 50-60 and rarely dropped under 30, only in big battles and for very short times.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mihajovics View Post

    Everything works fine, the drivers are fine. All performance benchmarks as expected. The problem was that the Fn+F11 toggle was set to ON!
    This initiated silent mode (which is actually very useful and really virtually silent).... The laptop accomplishes this state by turning off all the fans, so of course with just passive cooling serious throttling occurred.... (as low as 800Mhz per core on a full load prime95 stress test)

    Why doesn't this have an LED marker like the Wifi and Fn Locked buttons do right next to it????? Oh my god, I wasted like 2 whole days of my life on this s**t...
    Oh yeah, and it doesn't show up ANYWHERE inside Windows power settings weather or not silent mode is on or of, on the contrary my fan settings were set to active...
    Unbelievable!!! I can't believe how i missed this one! I knew something was amiss with the overall performance of my laptop. This yielded a significant performance increase, games load up significantly faster and the fps count is visibly increased. Great post mate, thanks a lot indeed.
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Samsung Ser. 7 Chronos 8700M HD Radeon Graphics Card Issue
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