Weird issue with AMD High Definition Audio Device and possibly AMD in general.

It's not very important if it's only for the HDMI device since I don't even use it lately but I'd like to see if there is a solution. Basically the latest driver (from catalyst package 13.1) is but it won't update from without crashing the system while trying to do it with the main installer. I wonder if there is a fix. I know it's probably possible to force it otherwise, e.g. do it with the GPU disabled or something but I mainly wonder if there is something more basic making it quirky (since I'm not that interested in actually using it but in fixing it properly).

It's probably very related to a more severe issue: Closing the lid often BSODs the system. It's also possible to BSOD the system if the GPU is attempted to be disabled on non-safe mode. This is a more easily googled issue. [Logs for that mainly point to Monitor.sys which is in turn connected to the GPU. Monitor.sys is the generic driver so it can't be just that easily.] [If I'm not mistaken the HDMI crash may also start from Monitor.sys]

The GPU is a PCI\VEN_1002&DEV_68C0&CC_0300