I actually recommend to people NOT to get these cards. About 24 months or so ago, my pc started going really screwy, images would freeze, crash altogether or generally misbehave. I narrowed it down to the video card driver software. This was on and from win 7 when installed.

I reverted to an 18 month old driver and it worked fine. But then I tried a new release version which went stupid again. After trying a more powerful card, I deleted Nvidia totally and installed an ATI Radeon HD 6700 and have never had a problem since.

From what some kids have been saying in a games forum, this problem is STILL going on into Win 8. They have been blasting Nvidia with complaints and forum notes for 2 years and had not had a reply from anywhere.

I have 3 games on my pc, golden 'oldies' now; but still work perfectly in Win 8 but with Nvidia did not. Ubisoft Silent Hunter 4 - graphics are stunning. Ubisoft Far Cry 2 - never lets me down in spite of game 'bugs' and Microsoft's Freelancer, which still works after all this time and with stunning mods too.