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ATI CCC keep crashing on HP ProBook 4740s

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    Windows 8 64bit

    ATI CCC keep crashing on HP ProBook 4740s

    Hello everybody,
    a month ago I bought HP ProBook 4740s. Everything was OK until now. I haven't been playing (or using any 3D apps) for two weeks. Yesterday I wanted to play a game which runs on OpenGL and I wanted to configure its profile in Catalyst. I double-clicked the icon and it immediately crashed. Since that time it has been crashing even when computer was idle, just few moments after I turned it on. Since Catalyst doesn't work I am not able to use 3D apps reasonably.

    Windows 8 64bit.
    Radeon HD 7650M and Intel 4000HD switchable graphics.

    I am getting "Catalyst Control Center: Host application stopped working" message.

    Název události problému: CLR20r3
    Podpis problému 01: ccc.exe
    Podpis problému 02:
    Podpis problému 03: 4f8350e0
    Podpis problému 04: ADL.Foundation
    Podpis problému 05: 2.0.3299.28586
    Podpis problému 06: 4ffead55
    Podpis problému 07: 35f
    Podpis problému 08: f
    Podpis problému 09: System.AccessViolationException
    OS version: 6.2.9200.
    ID národního prostředí: 1029
    Další informace 1: 338c
    Další informace 2: 338cea5f81294858be3f548f2e6eae4c
    Další informace 3: ea38
    Další informace 4: ea38dca8f240018b1c8be1499af3e265
    The info is in Czech, but I don't think there's any translation needed.

    So I uninstalled all the ATI stuff using the Catalyst Installation Manager, rebooted in Emergency mode, deleted the driver in Device Manager, ran Driver Sweeper and CCleaner to make sure there is nothing left.
    Rebooted in normal mode, installed the drivers, everythig was OK. The CCC was running for about two hours and then it started crashing again. I did this reinstall twice. Same thing happened.
    I tried deleting the ATI folder in root:/ProgramData, helped till I rebooted.

    I updated the BIOS, nothing changed.

    I've been searching the Internet a lot, read that CCC is somehow connected to .NET Framework. CCleaner showed some registry files corrupted - missing shared DLLs of .NET 1.0 and 1.1. I wanted to fix them but the installation files do not support 64bit systems. So do these .NET files affect CCC anyhow?

    By the way the AMD support sucks, the only thing which offers me under HD 6xxx/7xxxM is this Mobility Radeon Driver.
    When I run it I get a message which says that this PC has not compatible hardware. So I went to the official HP support and downloaded a package with graphic drivers here. Installed them the way written above.

    I spent whole weekend searching the Internet and trying to fix this. I feel pretty desperate about it.
    I would be really grateful for any advice. I can provide you any log or info if necessary.

    Big thanks for any response,

    BTW sorry for my English, I am not a native speaker.

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    Did it come with OEM OS?

    I had that HP, slightly different model, came with OEM. I reformatted and the problem cleared. OEM OS is bloated.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jenda View Post
    When I run it I get a message which says that this PC has not compatible hardware.
    Sorry, you've got something often referred to as Hybrid Graphics -- in which the PC automatically switches from one graphics chipset to another, based on what you're doing at the time. Although Mobility Radeon drivers MIGHT work, what is more often the case (as you discovered) is that they do not -- because they're not really design to be used that way.

    Unfortunately, in this case the only drivers that work are nearly always the one from the PC supplier -- which I believe you've already installed.

    I'm not aware of any other drivers you can use.
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    Windows 8 64bit

    Quote Originally Posted by ddadda82 View Post
    Did it come with OEM OS?

    I had that HP, slightly different model, came with OEM. I reformatted and the problem cleared. OEM OS is bloated.
    Yes, this model came with Windows.
    By reformatting you mean deleting all data and installing different installation of Windows? Or the same?
    I used the Windows 8 function Restore to factory settings - it deletes all data and the Windows are in the same state as I got the notebook. It didn't help. After two days the CCC started crashing again...
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    Windows 8

    Hi Jenda, I have the same problem, did you solve that?
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    Windows 8 64bit

    Hey there,
    I have even restored the OS to factory state, it didn't help. I think I'll have to send it to service.
    So the problem hasn't been solved yet...
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    @Jenda, JamesHarny,

    I think another member just fixed his ProBook 4740s on the Win8 Switchable Graphics FAQ here.
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    Windows 8 64bit

    Thank you very much! I did a lot of searching but never noticed this one.
    I'll try asap.
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    to alphastar: Yeah, I did it and CCC is working now, true story. But the AMD card does not switch anyway.... It is a problem with no having a choice to choose the graphic card.
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    Windows 8 64bit

    Hey there. Bad news. This solution worked for about an hour. Then... screw it, you know the story...
    Nevertheless, thank you for your friendly attitude.
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ATI CCC keep crashing on HP ProBook 4740s
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