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cannot access properties of intel

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    cannot access properties of intel

    hi guys
    i have 2 questions
    1- i have 2 geraphic cards and(nvidia and intel) i can easily access the nvidia propertise(for example for open a file by high performance) but i can not access the intel propertise( i saw the page below but non of them worked for me)
    Graphics — How to open the Intel® graphics properties window
    please help me?
    2- hoe can i know that my geraphic support open GL and 3d?

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    What Intel Graphics card do you have?
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    I suppose that you have a notebook with Optimus graphics (switchable Intel/nVidia).

    I have no personal experience with it, but I believe that it's managed through the nVidia control panel. (I could be wrong about that.)
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    I have a laptop that has optimus on it with an HD 3000 and a GT 520M. I am able to open up both the Nvidia control panel and the Intel control panel.

    What I've noticed is that Windows disables the Intel control panel with their driver from windows update (at least for the Intel Series 4 from what I've learned) and to re-enable the control panel is to install the driver from Intel, or modify a registry key.

    @muiacir You installed the Intel Graphics card first and then the Nvidia card right? (Pretty sure it goes in that order)
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    hi my friends.
    yes i have a notebook with Optimus graphics (switchable Intel/nVidia) but can not find the intel geraffic option
    i want to add a program to that to opens it by high performance
    you can see my version of intel in the picture that i insert

    @XDleader555 : i can not remember which of them is installed first
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    That's fine. But I would install them in this order.

    1) You don't have your Intel HD 3000 Drivers installed (You have the ones from windows update which don't include the control panel), so get them here (64bit) and (32bit)

    2) Then install your nVidia Graphics Card which can be found here

    If all went well then you should now be able to open up the control panel.
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    i have my nvidia geraphic card driver you said i uninstall it? then first install intel then nvidia?
    is this intel geraphic card work for all intel gera[hic versions?
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    You don't have to uninstall it, Just install the Intel Graphics drivers first, Then re-install the nvidia drivers to make sure everything works.

    The driver I linked you to is for the HD3000/2000/2500/4000 Only. (And you have an HD3000 Card apprantly)
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    thanks my dear worked.
    i have some question :
    1-how can i switch between nvidia and intel?
    2-how can i set the intel to open a program by its high performance power?
    3-how can i know the intel or nvidia support openGL and 3d andhow to active them?
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    To switch between Nvidia and Intel, go to the Nvidia control panel -> Manage 3D settings and there should be an option to choose between high performance graphics (Nvidia) and integrated (Intel).

    Change that option to the Intel graphics so all new programs open as low powered
    Then click the "Program Settings" tab and here you can make customization on what application gets to use the Nvidia graphics card.

    If you want to know when the Nvidia graphics is being used instead of the Intel graphics, hit View -> Display GPU Activity Icon in Notification Area
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cannot access properties of intel
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