Hi everyone,

Hope someone can help with an issue I have in a game. Even though I choose the nvidia card to run my exe, the game is sluggish and if I alt-tab it, game shows after it many shaders in black (vanish). So, I suspect the intel gfx running in the background are also dealing with stuff in game, even if nvidia tray icon shows running this app.

My laptop has an nvidia 635m and intel hd4000, corei5 and 6gb ram. Windows pro64-bit.

The game in question is an old wrestling simulator called TWC4 career from Mdickie. I used to play it in windows 7 but in a laptop with just one card (ati 5650). It ran flawlessly. Compatibility mode didn't help either. FPS is very low, suggesting intel's gfx on the works here.

Is there any way to disable entirely the intel hd card to test if this is the issue? I also went into nvidia's menus and placed all apps to work with this card but it didn't helped.

Thank you very much.