So I recently installed windows 8, and got some issues with a screen going black for 2-3 seconds pretty randomly. From what little pattern I've experienced, it occasionally occurs when closing and opening tabs in Opera, haven't tested with other browsers or other tab based software. Mostly because of the randomness of when it happens it will be sort of difficult. First I thought of graphic driver, which is why I posted this here, however there is one thing that have me slightly doubting that assumption. I run dual monitors, and only the one monitor, in which the browser was placed, had the black screen. The other screen is perfectly fine, on and not black. Surely a driver problem of the graphic card such as a restart of the driver would blank out both screens?

I'm wondering if it could be some metro interference or something like that? Anyone experienced anything similar with any idea how to sort it out? Its nothing more then annoying, but in the long run that will get bothersome.

PS: Yes, I have checked the wiring