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Don't really know why this problem happened in the first place, but I'll try to be more careful overall.
It seems you didn't had any nvidia/intel drivers loaded back then: your OpenGL Viewer screenshot says you were running the MS Basic Display Adapter (it can sometimes happen) and that explains everything.

After loading/installing the latest nVidia drivers, your 650M had all extensions loaded as it should.

By using driver 310.70 on my 630M, I see OpenGL 4.2 fully supported in the Viewer and also 70% of the 4.3 version is available.
If seems that future driver versions will add OpenGL 4.3 as fully supported.
Well but I was able to play before, not only that, my drivers were updated, I mean going to the update center and downloading the new ones didn't change anything so I guess they were updated, but somehow I guess for having it running for too long or something something changed which caused the problem.
And I also thought about that because I know some people had this problem and after updating their drivers it fixed it.