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Windows 8 Problem. screen turning off and on before login

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    Windows 8 Problem. screen turning off and on before login

    I got a problem with my windows 8
    it get to the point right after the loading with the 4 squares and after that the screen just start to turn off and on every few seconds lasting for ever i watched it go for about an hour before i just cut the power.
    this happened after i downloaded and installer the windows 8 driver for my Geforce xfx 260 graphic card.

    something similar happened when i installed my driver to my mother board but when i got it to reset my hard drive i just didn't bother re installing the motherboard driver. but graphic card driver i kinda want.

    so any solutions on how i can fix this?
    or at least a way for me to be able to reset cause i can't figure out how i get back into the menu.

    posting this from my laptop.

    Edit: i got my computer 2 run again after a Refresh
    but still would like to know how i can update my drivers without windows crashing on me
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Windows 8 Problem. screen turning off and on before login
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