I have an Nvidia 7300SE/7200GS graphics in my 32bit windowsXP which I need to install 306.97 upgrade to for window 8 64 on another board. It won't install in windows XP. My new board is an asus M5A97 which does not have built in video. It is a HEFI system, so video card works when set to BIOS, but gos blank when I switch to HEFI install. Is there a command in win 8 that will install a video card update from a USB drive during or before install. If not, could I upgrade on a friends win 7 computer and then use in my system? I don' know if 306.97 installs to GPU or motherboard CPU. I was hoping I could go to troubleshoot, command prompt, then find a command to install update. Anyone have any ideas. Thanks for any help