As the title indicates, I have a Latitude ST which runs pretty well under Windows 8. In fact it ran VERY well under Windows 8 until I tried to start using it with an external monitor. The Latitude has a full HDMI port, so I got an HDMI-DVI cable and hooked up to the external monitor. Nothing. Went into the Basic Display Driver, and it showed no signs of finding the external monitor.

I discovered the Latitude used an Intel GMA 600 chip, and downloaded and installed the Win 7 32-bit drivers (since Intel says it doesn't support Win 8 for this chip). Now my external monitor was recognized, and everything seemed to be great.

Except that now none of my alarm programs work. Evidently all of the Win 8 alarm programs do "something" that asserts a graphical mode that causes the programs to shut down. Windows 8 itself doesn't crash, but I am now having to use the alarm clock program on my phone rather than the alarm programs I've bought for Win 8. I can only imagine that if I were to run a game on the Latitude I would see similar issues.

Any suggestions for a way to have an external monitor AND not have my programs crash?