So i got an AMD Mobility Radeon HD 5470 1GB Graphics that is on all other TV´s having 1080p with HDMI or VGA. Now when i plug it in to my TV (Philips TX-L32C4E) it wont be 1080p just 720p. So when i turn it up to 1080p (yes i can) then my picture is getting too small and the textures terrible unscarp. But my XBOX 360 Slim is having 1080p and my DVD Player to. Why wont my PC (ASUS K52Dr) get good looking 1080p just terrible 1080p? I have tested other PC´s on my TV to. They work. And i have tested my PC on other TV´s. Its also getting 1080p. Is there a way make this unscarp small 1080p being real FULL HD (1080p) and look nice? Like i said its too small and unscarp. And 720 looks no good. Does someone know a fix for this? i know its confusing. Help me please.