Hey folks, new to the forum looking for some help.

I have Windows 8 on my laptop, I have a monitor I hook it up to through HDMI. The problem is, whether the monitor is hooked up or not, windows thinks I have 2 laptop screens somehow. When I go to screen resolution, there are two identical screens labeled 1 and 2, both named "mobile PC display" (and a 3rd with the name of my monitor if it's connected).

So, screen 1 = imaginary laptop screen, screen 2 = real laptop screen, screen 3 = LG monitor

- If I "extend" my display through all 3 screens, it works as advertised, although of course a third of the screen is missing (screen 1), since I do not actually have 3 screens. i.e. The mouse goes off over the border and can do its thing, but I can't see it.

- If I disconnect either screen 1 or 2, my laptop screen remains black. If I "duplicate" my primary screen (the LG) onto screen 2 (real laptop screen), there's still nothing on my laptop screen. If I duplicate onto 2, and then extend to 1, it works, although screen 3 is now in the same resolution as screen 2, and no screen 1, since I have no screen 1 (same as above).

- If I disconnect 3, and extend 1 and 2, it works, again missing screen 1, but the computer doesn't know.

In no situation am I presented with the ability to duplicate 1, 2, and 3, duplicate 1 and 3, or duplicate 1 and 2. The only duplication I can do is between 2 and 3.

This has happened before with the consumer preview of Windows 8 as well, but has never happened on Windows 7.

Thanks for any help in advance.