Update - Solved: From the MSDN Blog: Keyboard shortcuts. We are introducing new keyboard shortcuts that build on the shortcuts from Windows 7. Win+Pg Up or Win+Pg Dn moves Metro style apps across monitors. Win+Arrow and Win+Shift+Arrow continue to work on desktop apps as they did in Windows 7, by snapping and moving desktop windows across monitors. https://blogs.msdn.com/b/b8/archive/...edirected=true Win + Shift + Arrow works fine, like the hotkey in Matrox Powerdesk. --- I have a dual monitor setup with a Matrox M9120 PCIe x16 graphics card. In Windows 7 & Vista, I ran Matrox PowerDesk to manage the dual monitors. In Windows 8, I thought I would try using Windows in place of Matrox Power Desk but I have encountered a problem. The hotkeys to switch programs between monitors are supposed to be Windows Key + PageUp and Windows Key + PageDown. Since I have an old IBM Ergonomic Keyboard without Windows keys, I reprogrammed F11 as Windows Left and F12 as Windows Right with KeyTweak. Using these keys with PageUp and PageDown only moves the Start screen and does not move the programs. Other Windows key features seem to be working with the reprogrammed F11 and F12. Any thoughts about why this isn't working?